On its way the weekend..

We have the below…looking for to these…memories of the Belgian Blue keep flooding back….

See you all soon ;-) 

Draught options..

A bit of a change around..

See you soon 

New draught now on ..

A very sessionable ruby bitter from Byatts Brewery down in Coventry…looks and tastes superb :-D 

We have a very new concept beer from Mobberley waiting in the wings also, Boom Juice is a 3.6% tropical fruit pale ale…looking forward to this one…
See you soon. 

On draught now..

Apologies for the lack for updates recently…a few technical issues at my end:-/



And tasting rather nice..


Good to back and see you soon B-)


On draught this weekend 

We have Bollington Best, 4t’s SPS and Salopians Conundrum now on, with Burton Bridge Golden Delicious on the bench…

See you soon…

Don’t forget…games night

Tonight it’s our monthly traditional games night at Barley Hops, any time after seven…


Hope to see you later

New arrivals due..

We have some very special beers due from a small micro brewery based in wilds of Suffolk…using historical recipes and brewing practices which in the main have been lost or forgotten, Little Earth Project have a growing reputation for brewing some exceptional ales, take a look at

Watch this space

On keg and cask now..

Tasting superb too..

Thanks to Ben at High Peak Brew Co for this lovely Dunkelweisse..


Purple Moose too😉


This weekend’s draught options

A bit for everyone I’m hoping…


A couple in reserve if need be too…

On keg we have…

Endurance 5.1% – Bollington Brewery
West of the Sun 4.5% Torrside Brewery
St Feuillien Blonde 6%
Goddess 5.4% Redwillow Brewery

Waiting in the wings we have  Dunkelwiesse from High Peak and The Hoppy Couple IPA from Thirst Class…really looking forward to these…

See you soon..;-)

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