Tech Bar Event πŸ˜

On the 22nd March we will soon be hosting Tech Nights at the Barley Hops! Perfect way to learn how to keep up with today’s social media craze in a friendly, chilled environment whilst having a pint or a G&T. This Night is focusing on INSTAGRAM for their business- with the aim to support local businesses in the area! This the first of many Tech Nights with us! Get in touch to reserve your spot! Tickets are only Β£5 per person (payable on the evening)


Gin Tasting – Thu 15th Feb

We know that the gin tastings are getting more popular everytime we run one but this one seems to have an addititonal buzz about it.

We had 22 Gin and 2 Vodka drinkers that we provided the selection for with a few nibbles thrown in, which seem to go down well as we only took home the dirty plates πŸ˜‰

The 6 gins selected are as below however the two local gins seem to be the outright favourites.

So starting with

1. Twisted Nose – Watercress Gin this was served with Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic, grapefruit and orange zest.

2. Roku Gin – served with Fever Tree Tonic, lime and Cherries

3. Mor – served with Fever Tree Naturally light, Apple and Basil

4. Zymurgorium – Sweet Violet served with a sugared rim and a choice of Fentimans Rose Lemonade, Lemonade or Fever Tree tonic. There was a split between the Rose Lemonade and the tonic of which was the best. Also provided the Parma Violet sweets nust in case you wanted more sweetness. A clear winner this if you like sweet gins.

5. K-25 Gin served with Fever Tree Tonic, Blackberries and Star Anise.

And finally No 6. The brand new local gin from the Big Hill Distillery based in Mobberley, Cheshire, The Spirit of George gin. Served with a choice of Fever Tree Clementine or Original Tonic, Orange slice and zest. This gin is what I would call a ginny gin and when served with the clementine tonic made for a rounder, smoother taste whereas the Tonic picked up the clear gin taste. Again this was a 50/50 split on what was preferred, always makes our job interesting. I will be playing around with different tonics and garnishes with this gin as it has great potential- so keep an eye out guys 😁

Below are some of the other photos from the night. We hope you can join us on the next one on Thursday 12th April.

Here at BH & COTC HQ we’re getting ready for Valentines! πŸ’‹

We’re bored of the traditional uprise in price of flowers and chocolates! Why not buy something that would last slightly longer and a lot more appealing!


❀️ A evening out tasting 6 Gins with our very own perfect serves, nibbles, gin balloon glasses! We have 6 dates booked in through out 2018! £25@ticket

❀️ Bespoke Hampers of Beer or Gin! Where you can choose your selected products or choose from our listings!

❀️ 6 Beer Bottles & Can presentation Boxes!

Fancy these! Then contact us and we can have them made for you! Ready for the perfect Valentines! πŸ’‹

#ginhamper #Congleton #realale #beergifts #cheshire

Vodka is making a come back !!

We have had a request for a few vodkas lately do thought we’d just show you want we have available now.. fancy one of these !!!

Whisky Corner

We now have a growing selection of whiskys at BarleyHops- all single malts apart from one, so if you fancy a whisky, call in 😁

Gin Tasting Night

We have the next Gin Tasting Event booked for Thursday 15th February, a selection of 6 new gins to Barleyhops all served with the appropriate tonic and garnish.

Β£25 @ ticket (restricted to 20 tickets)

Give us a call, message or call into Barleyhops to get your tickets.

Vinyl Revival Night

Thursday 8th February from 7pm is
Vinyl Revival Night – we’ll be having a decks where you can bring to play, discuss, swap. Generally get back to listening to the music the old way, a trip down memory lane may unearth the odd gem. Classics, unknown masterpieces or just some 70’s cheese, you won’t be judged 😎

On draught currently…..

A couple of Cheshire brews and a Yorkshire one….

New arrivals….

Selection of the latest additions to our stock list…..

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