June 2014

Mad panic.. means new draughts

Just had a mad afternoon which has meant that we have had to put on more beer due to running out of draught ales. So now on draught are:
Lymestone Brewery “Stonewall Penalty”Β  4.6% Hoppy Pale Ale and Sandstone Brewery “Lazy Dragon” 3.5% Amber Bitter


Haven’t tried Lazy Dragon yet but can say that the Stonewall Penalty is very very nice. Perfect for the world cup.

This weeks best sellers

This week has seen an mixed bag of ales sold, but the weeks best sellers todate are.
Flipside Brewery Franc “in” Stein and Wincle Brewery Wincle Waller


Both are amazing πŸ™‚ not many left either !!!

Beer Cafe photos

Found some photos of the shop, so for those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of visiting us.

wpid-20140517_103020.jpg wpid-20140426_195829.jpg




It’s the weekend… well nearly

It’s the weekend, well nearly, it’s Friday.. time to celebrate a break from the daily grind of work pressures and enjoy a pint or two. We’ve had several new breweries in this week and Wincles have been restocked. Fancy trying any of them?
We are open now until 10pm to nip in for a pint or bottle, not forgetting the non-beer drinkers though, we have soft drinks, lager and ciders.
Hope to see you over the weekend.Β  πŸ™‚


Never a gamble…

After our last road trip to Scotland we occasionally went a wandering round the odd bottle shop. ….we collected 15- 20 or so different beers from numerous breweries, pretty much all were new to us.

Over the next couple of weeks we sampled……yea I know it was really difficult and I can hear the moans and groans from here πŸ˜€

We weren’t disappointed with any to be honest and we’ve have had a couple to showcase…..however one in particular was a mind blower literally, we were fortunate enough to secure a batch in early May and its with a real heavy heart that I have to share the picture below with you…….its the last 4 bottles and yes im welling up as I type, its that good!!!!!

What’s brought this to mind is partly because im trying to secure another selection for July (Details to follow)and partly down to a sentence ive heard several times over the last couple of weeks……. After a customer has been asked aboutΒ  their last choice it usually goes. ….

Ah…..yes……very enjoyable…….really nice ……..plenty of stuff going on…….but……well…… not quite Tempest is it!!!!!!!!

Priceless indeed πŸ˜€


Not just for balance…

We have a restock from the Red Rose county now….the magician’s from Marble have now delivered these rather nice examples. …


And they are so right……a Dobber is for life πŸ˜€

Wincle due any minute, we have the grand total of three bottles left. …….

The Beast from Lymestone back in stock now!!!! thats the wonderful


Abdominal Stoneman to me and you πŸ˜€

From the White Rose county

Saltaire Brewery have now restocked and brought a few new ones……interesting welcome additions. …need a wide angle camera me thinks….Stateside IPA difficult to resist for me…..although the Raspberry Blonde is intriguing. stock for this sort after brewery so don’t miss out, not often seen around these parts….


There’s more..

Another brewery from the south west, Bristol this time is the home of Arbor, established in 2007 they have gone from strength to strength, adventurous and always innovative.


Yakima Valley is a
real quality IPA packed with US hops, multi award winner and superb on a summers day πŸ˜€

Part Two

Another one to add, the very special Moor Beer Company from the Somerset levels…..they began in 1996 and have built a fantastic reputation and an avid following with an appreciation for top quality beers of real character.


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