We honoured to have the chance to sell Tempest Ales at the Beer café over the last couple of weeks.  It has been a pleasure selling these and the comments have been amazing. If you ever get chance to try these superb ales, well do so. Tempest micro-brewery are based in Kelso but have a limited bottling capacity which is why this makes their ales extra special. tempest brewery


The ales are all bottled by hand and selling them has been a pleasure.  We don’t have too many of them left so if you want any, best get here soon or call us for us to put them away.
Long White Cloud is a Pale Ale (quite fruity) 5.6% sold out in days, followed by Rye Pale Ale 5.5% and there are only a few bottles of the following:
★ In the Dark we Live – 7.2% Imperial Black IPA
★ Double Cresta – 8.2% – Imperial Stout
★ Brave New World – 7.0% – IPA

We can not praise Tempest Brewery too highly. Amazing.