July 2014

Bristol and beyond

We have taken delivery of a few rather nice beers from the South West, many thanks Sam, Arbor from Bristol..


Bristol Beer Factory, yes you’ve got it, from Bristol 😂


Along with a new brewery for us, Gloucester Brewery from, well I’m guessing you know that one too 😆


Dont forget Sorachi Ace here tomorrow……

Friday’s the day

When Cheshire Brewhouse’s latest creation arrives on draught, Sorachi Ace has enjoyed many rave reviews since its launch at the Beer Bash down in Brum last weekend, available here with us from Friday evening, hopefully it will last until Saturday but you just never know….😯


Also we now have a restock from Tatton Brewery in Knutsford, along with a couple of draughts due shortly, Tatton Best and the excellent Lazy Haze, a wonderful summer ale 😆


See you all soon…..

More Wheat Beers

We’ve had another delivery today, mainly more wheat beers and a backfil of a couple that we had run out of.
Looking forward to try them.
All bottles delivered today..


Wheat beers – great for BBQs


Dutch ales:)


Give us a call if you want us to save you one. 01260 270164. See you soon.

A real coup for Barley Hops

Well people we are very fortunate to have secured a rather special beer from the fabulous Cheshire Brewhouse here in Congleton, a long time in the planning but well worth the wait believe me


Hens teeth, rocking horse…you know what, a positive England cricket captain πŸ˜₯ are more prolific than this hop……..and yes it will be on draught very soon, we will pick a date and update accordingly. …. not one to be missed….we will have a limited number of bottles…..not the run of the mill ones either πŸ˜‰

Can’t wait, cheers Shane

Todays draught’s

Small and Mighty from Dave down in the Happy Valley, Bollington that is πŸ˜‰ and Gingerly Does It from Wilson Potter over in Middleton, wonderful pale with a great nose and aftertaste…….you know exactly what I mean ☺ very refreshing and subtle…..


Delivery due yet again for continental corner, update to follow…..basically because I cant remember the finer details πŸ˜‚

Barley Hops Weissing up for the summer

Sorry but couldn’t resist it …….a selection of our German Wheat Beers……personally I just love them


Another area I can see growing steadily if the demand is there, so far so good……… the Hacker

The winner is…..

Germany…..oh yes and Mike of course…..well done to you and Jim with Argentina who scooped the 6 mixed pack, our little helper,daughter,step daughter Amy is pictured with Mike having just handed over the hamper


It brings a tear to my eye……the last bottle of Roman Black for some time has now gone πŸ˜₯

And there’s more

Opps….forgot about these from yesterday……..well I didn’t πŸ˜‰ enough said me thinks……enjoy image The Rogues make a welcome return, the others are making their BH debut……well over 120 beers in “Continental Corner” now……..

Their pretty good at brewing too!

Apart from stumbling to a world cup victory over Argentina ☺ our German cousins can brew the odd decent beer, in their honour, well sort of πŸ˜† we decided to try a couple of different beers, in the main Wiesse but a not the usual stuff, only very limited stock but worth a gamble, all well respected but not run of the mill…..


if they go down well, more will follow, its over to you folks……

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