August 2014

Bollington Brewery Re-stock

Many thanks to our friends down in the happy valley for today’s delivery, the superb Eastern Nights is back, which is to be treated with respect…..believe me….I know this 😆, the excellent Dinner Ale and a brand new pale which is simply called 5%…….looking foward to trying this one……


Please remember we open at 12 noon now on Friday’s. ….hope to see you soon

Coming soon

To the Beer Cafe in Congleton, the latest draught offerings finalised, all new and two debuts…..Geeves from Barnsley and Merlin from down the road in Arclid, no particular order so keep watching πŸ˜‰


A new brewery lined up for mid September bottle delivery, very well known but not been easy to source, guessing these will be a regular, quality addition to our growing collection……will keep you informed.

Bank Holiday weekend

Yes, its the last one of the summer,Β  infact Boxing Day is the next, dont forget to stock up for the last BBQ of the summer or if you just fancy a beer festival in a box we have a fabulous selection of ales from across the area and the continent. …..


See you soonπŸ˜†

Time for a re-shuffle

Well the weathers brightened up for the Jazz and Blues Festival here in Congleton, cracking the flags any minute 😆 stock take and re-jigging of the shop fridge, order of sorts resumed. ….and looks quite good……


Just the others to do now πŸ˜• a game of spot the missing beer from our collection….Could be a while. ..

XO Porter and Directionless going rather well on draught so hope to see a few of you later, spatz and trilby optional 😆

Our Jazz weekend line up

If you fancy a respite or just a quality pint of ale this weekend, these are who we’ve signed up for the event…


Plus a couple in reserve just in case…….oh, did I mention we do a few bottles too πŸ˜‚

Yet more good news is that we have now been granted a new licence, no more turning people away or kicking them out on a Friday or Saturday night, no mega late finishes but that flexibility we all need at the weekend πŸ˜‰

MacMillan Coffee morning…

Well not exactly……😆 more of a beer tasting evening in aid of a very good cause…….looking at Thursday 25th Sept…..format not finalised but looking at selling a limited number of tickets, will include several tastings….;) and a few nibbles……also the beauty below is up for winning in our a raffle, my creative side has been let loose once again you lucky people 😂


and yes you’ve spotted it….. thats a Thornbridge and a Tempest tucked in the corner, happy days!!!!!

Can’t keep up with the breweries

Yesterday will also saw a delivery of bottles from our Friends at Beer Dock in Crewe. They have provided us with some great new ales from breweries slightly further afield, I’m sure you have all heard of them, but here goes.
Blue Monkey Brewery from Nottinghamshire
The bottles we have are:
β˜… Sanctuary 4.1% – Light Copper Session Ale
β˜… 99 Red Baboons 4.2% – Dark, fruity & Malty
β˜… infinity 4.6% – Golden Ale with Citrus Hops
β˜… Guerrilla 4.9% – Stout
β˜… BG Sips 4% – Pale & Hoppy



Kelham Island Brewery based in Sheffield
The bottles from Kelham are listed below:
● Pride Of Sheffield 4% – Amber Bitter
● Pale Rider 5.2% – Pale & Fruity
● Easy Rider 4.3% – Pale Ale
● Riders on the storm 4.5% – Hoppy Darker Pale

Another New Brewery

Whilst on our trip around Newcastle we came across this brewery that we gave the highest score to across the ales we were drinking. The Wylam Brewery  has been going since 2000 and has a very good setup in Heddon-On-The-Wall just outside Newcastle,  so we had to come back with some bottles of theirs. So the ones we selected are:
β–  Rocket – best bitter – 5%
β–  Red Kite – Ruby Ale – 4.5%
β–  Admiral Lord Collingwood – English Pale Ale – 4.1%
β–  Magick – Summer blonde ale – 4.2%
β–  Bohemia – Pilsner – 4.6%


It’s arrived..Tempest the ghost…

Back from our few days away and we have arrived back with the long-awaited Tempest.
We have :
β–  Farmhouse Ale –  Saison with spices – 5.1%


β–  Unforgiven – Beech Smoke Rye 5.4%
β–  Brave New World – IPA dry hopped – 7%
β–  Long White Cloud  – Extra Pale Hoppy – 5.6%
β–  Easy Livin – lager hybrid- 5.0%

This brewery is one of the fastest selling breweries that we have sold and as they are a small brewery obtaining these ales are quite difficult.  So if you want us to save you some, then let us know.  πŸ™‚

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