Well thats what I’ve heard, we’re talking Yorkshire and another debutant, this time from Huddersfield, Mallinsons have built up an impressive reputation over a number of years, we have five real quality ales now in stock, again we have a limited stock and well worth a try….you won’t be disappointed. ….


A quick update with regard to what we have on cask and what’s to come πŸ˜‰

Tatton Best and Into The Light from Wilson Potter currently, DBA from Cheshire Brewhouse very soon, we have two from Lincoln Green over in Nottinghamshire,Β  Hood(bitter) and Archer (ipa).
From Wilson Potter we have Don’t Fall(pale), Wincle’s Sir Philip, XO Porter from Happy Valley (porter) and a special black ipa called Howling House from Cheshire Brewhouse….;)