August 2014

Tempest is coming back south

If all goes to plan, Tempest beers and a new brewery from Berwick-Upon-Tweed called “Bear Claw” will be heading back South with us tomorrow. Well actually we have Tempest already, just waiting on Bear Claw and another possible new brewery to us. No comment on this one until we have it confirmed… both will be available on Friday… πŸ™‚


Refreshment break only…

On the way north we just had to stop off at Kelso…..purely by accident and found these on tap…..


Decisions. …decisions,Β  I went with Armadillo and Linda the Rapberry Saison…..rather good 😆 would be an understatement. …….but you could guess that couldntΒ  you….

Return of the King

Well the rumours were true, we now have the last batch of Sorachi Ace now on draught, just for those that missed it first time around…..oh and for those that didn’t πŸ˜† image Along with Tatton Best and Into The Light from Wilson Potter on draught, a rather nice combination for a weekend…..

God’s own country….

Well thats what I’ve heard, we’re talking Yorkshire and another debutant, this time from Huddersfield, Mallinsons have built up an impressive reputation over a number of years, we have five real quality ales now in stock, again we have a limited stock and well worth a try….you won’t be disappointed. ….


A quick update with regard to what we have on cask and what’s to come πŸ˜‰

Tatton Best and Into The Light from Wilson Potter currently, DBA from Cheshire Brewhouse very soon, we have two from Lincoln Green over in Nottinghamshire,Β  Hood(bitter) and Archer (ipa).
From Wilson Potter we have Don’t Fall(pale), Wincle’s Sir Philip, XO Porter from Happy Valley (porter) and a special black ipa called Howling House from Cheshire Brewhouse….;)

New local makes debut….

Many thanks to Mike from Whaley Bridge Brewery over in Derbyshire for dropping off Stoneheads and Rapa Nui for us, actually for you to try I guess πŸ˜‰ although I maybe persuaded…..very small with a growing reputation over in the High Peak, their draught options can be found in the Drum and Monkey on the Chapel Road heading out of Whaley on a regular basis and they pop up all over the High Peak from High Lane to Castleton


More to follow shortly…….oh yes while I remember,  there’s an outside chance we maybe able to secure a little more of the fabulous Sorachi Ace from  Shane at the Cheshire Brewhouse……..and I maybe persuaded to share it too 😆

A couple of surprises on there way

We have a few surprise ales coming in, not wanting to give anything away just yet, but you’re going to love them
Award winning breweries from over the Pennines and  some more local..
Want to know more.. watch this space πŸ˜‰

Dobber is back

Marbles Dobber is now back in stock – It’s been rebranded, but I can promise it tastes just as good. Oops, I haven’t had one really πŸ˜‰


Hopefully Lagonda will be back in a couple of weeks. It’s a hard task getting that ale in bottles πŸ™‚

Well we warned you…..

Sorry this was Sorachi Ace…..honest it was there earlier……just not any more πŸ˜₯


Big hats off to Shane at Cheshire Brewhouse, loads of great feedback, a serious quality beer….

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