September 2014

Continental Corner

We’ve had a re-stock of Ultrabrune, both Vedett’s, Bersalis Triple, St Bernadus Triple, Gulden Drakk, Grimbergen Blond,  Maredsous Brune, Petrus Aged Red, a few more Coconut and Mango beers……from Germany Schneider Weisse Tap 7….also these which we thought we’d try out


The corner is a little tight at the moment πŸ˜‰

A big thank you…

To all those attended last nights fund raiser for MacMilian Cancer Support, our first such tasting evening went very well indeed, I’m pretty sure everyone was fed and watered πŸ˜‰

For those that couldn’t make it this time, there will be other such events, oh.. this was the small ploughman’s im afraid you missed out on πŸ˜₯


Good news though….mine was lovely πŸ˜‚

Congratulations to John W for winning the raffle prize, he was in the building too which was good, although its still here John and there is a Tempest present :o……

We all managed to raise Β£207.00……..massive thank you to everyone……

See you soon…..

Breaking news!!!!


Enough said πŸ˜‰ many thanks and see you soon….

It’s now in full swing….

If you can’t get over to Munich for the 189th Oktoberfest pay us a call, we’ve a good selection of Germany’s finest….including these 2 specials…..coincidentally they just happen to be amongst my favourite brewers from that part of the world. …..;)


Weird that…….enjoy. …

That’s it folks….

All the beer is here in Bear town for our tasting on Thursday…..

Spent most of Monday off campus driving and collecting….

Got back and racked late afternoon, luckily beat most of the traffic.

I got slightly lost on one occasion,  sat navigation is handy but not always fool proof!!!!!

At one point it felt like a scene from Ron Howard’s Rush…..well with white van’s et al πŸ˜‰

Our hardy LDV gained a few more miles but behaved well….

Can’t give too much away…..ive already said far too much……and cant post any photos. ….just yet…

Whaley Bridge & Happy Valley Breweries

This weekend we have the following ales on tap…
Happy valley Brewery (from Bollington) “lazy daze” a 4.2% malty bitter
And Whaley bridge Brewery from well.. Whaley Bridge:
Stone heads – 4.8% pale
Rapa Nui – 4.9% Amber ale


Well they’ve done it again.

Those chaps who brought us the excellent Pigeon Toed Orange Peel, Heavy Industry now bring us Dr Jekyll’s Last Waltz, I would explain but it’s far easier if you see below…;)


If its a good as Pigeon then happy days for all……oh this beauty is now re stocked too.

That time of week again. .

Tuesday’s are turning out to very busy indeed on the delivery front…..where to start, well please put your hands together in welcoming Yorkshire Oldest Brewery and without doubt one the finest, Samuel Smith take a Barley Hops bow….great selection from this mystical brewer….


Oh yes and also their very popular fruit quartet is now available


The mighty Marble have dropped off Chocolate Marble and the super special Earl Grey, sorry but no sign yet of Doober or Lagonda πŸ˜₯

Re stock on the continental too, Duvel Triple hop is now back, really flies this one 😆 also Chouffe Soleil is back up to full capacity, a couple of others also. ….a new perry from Gwatkins to boost the cider collective πŸ˜‰

Pay us a call……

Don’t forget…..

25th September, our taster evening in aid of MacMillian Cancer Support, it’s the national coffee morning event but as you know…….we just don’t do coffee 😆


Limited number of tickets available and they are going really well…..look forward to seeing you…..😅

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