A few photographs from our trip out of Congleton on Sunday, great fun was had. Most people behaved by looking at the camera, some people never change! Spot the ones who weren’t listening to the roll call.

Untitled_Panorama1 Untitled_Panorama2

Paul looks on fascinated by the magic of the Belgium beer works in Den Engle’s cellar, he was soon to be joined by others to marvel at this wondrous site.


Beer! Mmm


Pete’s impression of a favorite Red Willow beer.


Sneaky shot taken whilst they were pondering whether to have a chip butty or not.


Too cool for Leek!?


A nice shot of the church in Leek, just to show you that we did get some culture as well as some fabulous beer, what a lovely day.


Where to next? Belgium…

More photos from our day out are available here: