Wednesday 25th October saw the Barleyhops team provide a gin tasting event in aid of the Moorlands Dog Rescue. The event was held at the Napoli in Leek where they provided amazing pizzas and snacks and the music by Tony and Jazz Duo.

The 6 gins (all tonics Fevertree) were:

Citadelle served with Elderflower Tonic, star anise and Mint

Ungava served with Tonic, juniper berries and Lime

5th Fire served with Mediterranean Tonic, strawberries and chocolate

Nelsons Rhubarb and Custard served with Ginger Ale and Apple

Dingle served with Mediterranean Tonic, orange slice, orange and lime zest

3 Pugs served with Tonic, frozen wild berries and lime zest. Such a unique bottle.!!!

Some photos from the event