Cheshire run out…

A few diversions due to the farcical traffic problems we are all enduring at the moment..

A couple of casks from David and Sue at Merlin along with the first bottles in a while..


Dropped into Crewe to collect from Offbeat, always something a little different from Michelle, 2 Saisons, one fruity the other herby, very hoppy pale, black IPA along with blood orange wheat beer, as stated, a little different 😁





Wednesday’s the new Tuesday..

Deliveries and collections galore…on your marks…get set!!!!


Yes…Jaipur,Kipling,Halcyon,Twin Peaks re join Wild Raven and Wild Swan…the one on the right is a Strawberry Blonde, small batch that I imagine won’t be around to long..


Two IPA’s from Church Street In the USA


Three more from the States, Porter a big IPA and a farmhouse Saison.

One of my favourite bottles yet..and correct, it’s those German guys again.


Also happens to be one of the very best beers of its kind.

And another German with a funky label


Really nice clean Hefe Weizen…

Think that’s it but I’m not convinced 😉

What do you think?

Many thanks to Mike Newton who paid us as visit last week and took a few impromptu pictures..


Barley Hops - a beer cafe!

For the full story, please take a look.

Treasure Trove sold it!

Alechemy’s Ritual Pale at 4.1% is now on…pale,dry with a nice bitter finish..


Trip advisor again !

Thanks to you all that have provided feedback on TripAdvisor – some great comments and we are now in 3rd place on the position board.

Do we need more – well hell yes 😃

What a line up !!

This weekends lineup are now up. All new to us 

XT Brewing- X8 – a dark roast 4.5% Bitter from Buckinghamshire- not a lot left of this one.

Stockport Brewing – GW Buck Bitter – light session ale 3.8% from well.. Stockport

Bristol Beer Factory – independence- a hoppy 4.6% pale – no guessing where from 😜


Award for Innovation 

Thank you all for attending the presentation from MEC CAMRA on Thursday evening – it was great to see so many people there.

It was a brilliant night with ales from Salopian – Darwins Origin – golden Bitter, Front Row – Collapsed IPA and Cheshire Brewhouse – Lindow 



We had the team sporting the new Tshirts and Hoodies which are now available to purchase – as well as the funny beer orientated Tshirts and mugs.



  Thanks to all that have supported us to make this happen – as always without you we wouldn’t be here 😀🍻

April 26th -trip to Leek

sunday 26th April is the planned date for the trip to Leek, an afternoon around their pubs. We’ve heard a lot of good things about the pubs there, so this is an opportunity to come and join us. The bus will be planned from 12pm coming back for 6pm – maximum cost will be £10 for the bus. 

Want to join us? Just give us a call on 01260 270164 or text 07824 344221.


Here is the new one from Congletons own Front Row – this is a uniquely hopped pale called “99” – coming in with an ABV of 4.8% – this is a different hop to ones we’ve tasted before – so get down and try it.

Also is MillTown from Happy valley (Bollington) a 3.6% Mild – however we believe this to be more a dark beer – great flavour for its strength – very deceiving little number 😃

Finally Great hecks Citra – 4.5%, golden and fruity – very tasty.


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