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Busy Monday….

Had some bits and pieces to sort whilst we were shut, a bit of sanding,painting, varnishing….oh and a bit of furniture moving ;). ..a trial really but i think it looks pretty good….


Part 1….


Part 2

A couple of new beers today on the continent front along with a restock of a very special brew from Skye, we’ve  had a run on this one…..those who have tried it will know what i mean 😆


De Molen’s 9.2% double IPA Amarillo….Hoegaarden’s special Verboden Vrucht (Forbidden Fruit) an 8.5% Amber Belgian ale, a tad fruity with hint of spice…..Founders famous 8.3% breakfast stout….cornflakes for me please!!!! More of a night cap I’m thinking;)


Enough said me thinks….

First delivery of the week

Bakewells finest has just landed…..Just need to get them out on display…..


Will update with what we have shortly. ….😆

And there’s more

Opps….forgot about these from yesterday……..well I didn’t 😉 enough said me thinks……enjoy image The Rogues make a welcome return, the others are making their BH debut……well over 120 beers in “Continental Corner” now……..

Time for a Move

We have now that many Continental beers that they no longer fit in Continental Corner of the Beer Cafe, so the Americans have had to move out. They now have their own space, we will be putting up flags, albeit small ones to help you find them, or we could just let you have a rummage around. 😉

Todays new Arrivals – With an odd one in the mix

OK, OK we generally like to throw in the odd ale from the Belgium side, but we definitely didn’t select the Mongozo.

So we have this very odd…. Coconut beer, an exotic beer apparently 3.6%, so let’s see what happens with this. Will it be popular, mmm, let’s wait and see.

Mongozo Coconut

Other new arrivals are:

  • Anchor IPA – 6.5%
  • Brooklyn – East India Pale Ale – 6.9%
  • Brugse Zot – 6%
  • Leffe – Radieuse 8.2%
  • Petrus – Oud Bruin 5.5%
  • Wilson Potter – Triple Gem – 3.9%

New Arrivals 080714


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