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Here is the new one from Congletons own Front Row – this is a uniquely hopped pale called “99” – coming in with an ABV of 4.8% – this is a different hop to ones we’ve tasted before – so get down and try it.

Also is MillTown from Happy valley (Bollington) a 3.6% Mild – however we believe this to be more a dark beer – great flavour for its strength – very deceiving little number πŸ˜ƒ

Finally Great hecks Citra – 4.5%, golden and fruity – very tasty.


The weekend’s draught..

Evening everyone, this weekends draught options are


Hope to see you all soon….bottles optional πŸ˜‰

It’s the weekend

Well almost….this weekends cask ales are ready to go!!! WeΒ  will have these on and Tie The Knot from Happy Valley waiting in the wings for a debut…..


We also have some pies if you’re a little peckish, Steak and Ale and Meat and Potato..

Start the weekend with a nice beer or two with us…

Where to start?

Busier than normal today on the delivery and collection front. A drive out this morning across Cheshire, firstly to collect the wonderful Shameless 5.9% IPA from Redwillow, ready for Friday’s birthday bash πŸ˜†, secondly to collect a really nice selection of German beers, the excellent Hacker-Pschorr amongst them, take a look…


The super Oktoberfest Marzen included.

Marble and Wilson Potter delivered also, Pint on cask again ready for Friday and Don’t Fall on cask for who knows when πŸ˜„, bottles from WP include Rum In The Black, SBA, Is This The Way and Don’t Fall.

A small selection from Sadlers based in the West Midlands. ..


And a restock of the Belgian section to boot…..

Special offer on the below bottles from Wilson Potter too, 3 for Β£5 or 7 for Β£10, the choice is yours….although we dont have masses. …


I think that’s everything 😯

Though dont quote me…

Just as well….Dave from Happy Valley has just dropped off two further casks, Tie The Knot a 5% IPA and back by popular demand, the Champion Beer Of Cheshire. .. XO Blackout Porter…

Now that is it!!!!!!

Just arrived…..ready for the weekend..

Many thanks to Shane for a restock, back in is Cheshire Gap, Smokehouse Porter(thinking for the last time :evil:) and Govinda IPA, both versions, two different barrels two different experiences πŸ˜† both rather good…


Our friends from Barnsley’s Geeves Brewery have dropped off a couple of beers on their way through town, the excellent Smokey Joe Stout and the 6% IPA Fully Laden…..


Don’t forget, this weekend we have on cask Redwillow’s superb best bitter Feckless, Happpy Valley’s 5.9% IPA Bollywood and finally Bollington’s 4.8% US inspired IPA Endurance, a real coup for us, not been seen anywhere on cask as yet πŸ˜†…….well worth a try believe me…..

Whaley Bridge & Happy Valley Breweries

This weekend we have the following ales on tap…
Happy valley Brewery (from Bollington) “lazy daze” a 4.2% malty bitter
And Whaley bridge Brewery from well.. Whaley Bridge:
Stone heads – 4.8% pale
Rapa Nui – 4.9% Amber ale


Our Jazz weekend line up

If you fancy a respite or just a quality pint of ale this weekend, these are who we’ve signed up for the event…


Plus a couple in reserve just in case…….oh, did I mention we do a few bottles too πŸ˜‚

Yet more good news is that we have now been granted a new licence, no more turning people away or kicking them out on a Friday or Saturday night, no mega late finishes but that flexibility we all need at the weekend πŸ˜‰

Todays draught’s

Small and Mighty from Dave down in the Happy Valley, Bollington that is πŸ˜‰ and Gingerly Does It from Wilson Potter over in Middleton, wonderful pale with a great nose and aftertaste…….you know exactly what I mean ☺ very refreshing and subtle…..


Delivery due yet again for continental corner, update to follow…..basically because I cant remember the finer details πŸ˜‚

We have something to celebrate

Ok, it isn’t the England football team but it’s the fact that the sun is shining and it’s the weekend. What more could we ask for.?

Today’s draught ales are Cheshire Brewhouse “A Little Lupy – Keyworth Early” & Happy Valley “Dr John’s 50th”


Don’t forget to get your 12 box selections from the beer cafe, either for your BBQs, general drinking or parties, where we will give you a 10% discount, another reason to celebrate.

We have just ordered our continental ales for next week. A few new ones included in the list, with backfills for all the ones sold out last weekend and today.
Marble Brewery will be back in stock on Tuesday as well.

If there is something that you like and we don’t have in stock,Β  let us know and we’ll try and get it in for you.

Have a good weekend

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