Tempest Brewery

It’s arrived..Tempest the ghost…

Back from our few days away and we have arrived back with the long-awaited Tempest.
We have :
■ Farmhouse Ale –  Saison with spices – 5.1%


■ Unforgiven – Beech Smoke Rye 5.4%
■ Brave New World – IPA dry hopped – 7%
■ Long White Cloud  – Extra Pale Hoppy – 5.6%
■ Easy Livin – lager hybrid- 5.0%

This brewery is one of the fastest selling breweries that we have sold and as they are a small brewery obtaining these ales are quite difficult.  So if you want us to save you some, then let us know.  🙂

Tempest is coming back south

If all goes to plan, Tempest beers and a new brewery from Berwick-Upon-Tweed called “Bear Claw” will be heading back South with us tomorrow. Well actually we have Tempest already, just waiting on Bear Claw and another possible new brewery to us. No comment on this one until we have it confirmed… both will be available on Friday… 🙂

Never a gamble…

After our last road trip to Scotland we occasionally went a wandering round the odd bottle shop. ….we collected 15- 20 or so different beers from numerous breweries, pretty much all were new to us.

Over the next couple of weeks we sampled……yea I know it was really difficult and I can hear the moans and groans from here 😀

We weren’t disappointed with any to be honest and we’ve have had a couple to showcase…..however one in particular was a mind blower literally, we were fortunate enough to secure a batch in early May and its with a real heavy heart that I have to share the picture below with you…….its the last 4 bottles and yes im welling up as I type, its that good!!!!!

What’s brought this to mind is partly because im trying to secure another selection for July (Details to follow)and partly down to a sentence ive heard several times over the last couple of weeks……. After a customer has been asked about  their last choice it usually goes. ….

Ah…..yes……very enjoyable…….really nice ……..plenty of stuff going on…….but……well…… not quite Tempest is it!!!!!!!!

Priceless indeed 😀


Tempest Ales

We honoured to have the chance to sell Tempest Ales at the Beer café over the last couple of weeks.  It has been a pleasure selling these and the comments have been amazing. If you ever get chance to try these superb ales, well do so. Tempest micro-brewery are based in Kelso but have a limited bottling capacity which is why this makes their ales extra special. tempest brewery


The ales are all bottled by hand and selling them has been a pleasure.  We don’t have too many of them left so if you want any, best get here soon or call us for us to put them away.
Long White Cloud is a Pale Ale (quite fruity) 5.6% sold out in days, followed by Rye Pale Ale 5.5% and there are only a few bottles of the following:
★ In the Dark we Live – 7.2% Imperial Black IPA
★ Double Cresta – 8.2% – Imperial Stout
★ Brave New World – 7.0% – IPA

We can not praise Tempest Brewery too highly. Amazing.


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