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Return of the King

Well the rumours were true, we now have the last batch of Sorachi Ace now on draught, just for those that missed it first time around…..oh and for those that didn’t πŸ˜† image Along with Tatton Best and Into The Light from Wilson Potter on draught, a rather nice combination for a weekend…..

Todays draught’s

Small and Mighty from Dave down in the Happy Valley, Bollington that is πŸ˜‰ and Gingerly Does It from Wilson Potter over in Middleton, wonderful pale with a great nose and aftertaste…….you know exactly what I mean ☺ very refreshing and subtle…..


Delivery due yet again for continental corner, update to follow…..basically because I cant remember the finer details πŸ˜‚

Carnival Day at Congleton

This morning saw the arrival of brilliant sunshine and the Congleton Carnival.  Next door has a disco going from 10.30am all 70s music – as this is this years carnival theme.
We have on draught Sandstone Black Onyx, 4% stout and Wilson Potter award winning “In Shreds” 4.7% pale with notes of lemon and pine.


Manchester calling, well Middleton

Big thanks to Wilson Potter, delivered a couple of additions to their fabulous collection this afternoon, they just about fit in the bar πŸ˜€ also a couple coming on draught too, In Shreds and Gingerly Does It will be making their Barley Hops debuts…..


Continental corner gets a restock today hopefully, although since its been on order we’ve has a rush on a couple of lines, different from the usual suspects too…

Looking forward to todays games……especially tonight’s battle of the master brewers and the young pretenders…..a couple to be going on with, a really difficut choice, not sure who will win but it will no doubt be enjoyable……the game hopefully should be too πŸ˜€ almost forgot about that!!!!


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