Valentines offer!!

A pint of draught beer, a single gin and tonic of your choice and a sharing cheese platter for £10…. A real, yet romantic bargain…;-) 

Draught options..

Selection for the weekend…

IPA from Shiny, Golden bitter from Monty’s over in Wales, Irish Stout from Milestone and a traditional session bitter from Downton…a bit of everything I’m hoping…

The weekends draught…

A bit of everything really, Australian Pale Ale from Bristol Beer Factory, a traditional Amber Bitter from Mobberley Brewhouse along with a Stout from Milestone which will be followed by a Baltic Porter from 4 T’s..

See you soon..

On draught now

We have great selection..

Well worth a sample or two, or even a paddle, a third of each one just in case the decision is too tricky..

Stout from Milestone, a tradition pale from Pig and Porter along with The Bends from Salopian, a big punchy IPA..

See you soon.

Traditional games night 

Just a reminder, it’s games night tomorrow from 7.30, hope to see some of you

Delivery update.

Finally everything is in place..took a while but Durham, Tempest and Sonnet 43 all priced and shelved..range as below..a few real monsters too

Think that’s about it..Tempest on the move already..
See you soon

Busy day ahead..

Quite a few bottles to find a home for today…can’t wait..

Sonnet 43, Durham Brewery and yes you’ve guest it…Tempest Brewing Co now in stock…
Update to follow…

On draught now..

A couple from Yorkshire and one from South Wales..the latter got a bit of a hammering last night so not masses left, one taste and it will all become clear..

In reserve we have a pale from Sonnet 43 and a dark winter ale all the way from Loch Lomond Brewery..

As an aside, we are heading north tomorrow on a collection run…Tweedbank in the Scottish Borders and back home via County Durham..three Breweries, one of which is to my mind THE best’s been a good 18months since we’ve held any stock..looking forward to getting reacquainted with these..

This weekends draught

Varied selection indeed…

See you soon..

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